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Famous Fictional Investigators: Which Qualities are Beneficial to your Career?

Television, books and movies often feature private investigators as their main characters. This is because private investigators are intriguing. They are mysterious; they are clever; and most importantly, they face dangerous situations. This makes for great big screen viewing.
However, as any investigator knows, there is a lot more to the PI world than uncovering who stole the Maltese Falcon and rescuing the latest damsel in distress. While most of the cases and characters represented on the big screen, featured on the small screen, and written about in books, are entirely fictional, you can still use learn some important lessons from fictional characters in your every day investigations.
Sherlock Holmes
The literary spokesperson for private investigations, Sir Cohan Doyle"s Sherlock Holmes is one of the most common fictional private investigators. He is known for his logic and astute observation to solve cases. He is straight forward and to the point which is why he is such a success.
Jim Rockford
Rockford from the television series "The Rockford Files- features an unconventional investigator to say the least. Rockford is a former convict instead of the traditional ex-cop investigator. Furthermore, instead of that hardboiled persona that many investigators take on, Rockford is social and personable. He builds close relationships and looks out for those he cares about. This is an important concept to grasp. Having proper people skills is one of the best ways to get deep inside the case. If you want in, you need to ensure that people trust you and like you.
Inspector Clouseau
Most people think that French investigator Inspector Clouseau is nothing short of a comic idiot. After all, he is known for his inability to solve even the easiest cases and his bumbling antics. However, in the end, it is Inspector Clouseau"s persistence that allows him to succeed. This is an important attribute to possess in the world of investigating. Some cases are harder to crack than others; and you need to be able to handle the heat.

By Rita Henry
Get Private Investigator Jobs, Contributing Editor

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