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  • You guys are doing an awesome job with the site!

    Ruben, Private investigator
  • This is an awesome resource and I love it. It's the number one site I check for jobs.

    Lisa Gorzynski, Private Investigator
  • Hello everyone. OUTSTANDING. I am very satisfied. I am very proud that I am a member of the community!

  • I enjoy your site very much. Thank you!

    Kerri, Private Investigator
  • We have found this site to provide us with a plethora of excellent candidates and are currently running quite a number of ads nationwide to continue our hiring efforts.

    Chuck McCracken, Operations Manager
  • Love the site. It's not often you see someone taking the time to organize and narrow down a search engine such as this. Appreciate all the work and effort put into it. Very glad to have found the site and continue to browse it regularly.

    Michael Davies, Realtor - at the moment
  • It is wonderful to know that you have a community-based service that is tailored for private investigators, especially amid this harsh economical "down-turn" in today's modern world. Thank you!

    Robert Robinson, Private Investigator
  • I am very glad to be one of the members of this community and granted with opportunities on the way by receiving your great newsletters.

    Phillip, Teacher
  • Your job updates every Tuesday have been great. I have made several referrals to your site to police officers looking to get out of the "police office" and into a line of work that is less stressful and more rewarding.

    John Sailor, Private Detective/Security Agent
  • Your site is outstanding. Keep up the good work!

    RC, Investigator
  • Everything is great on the website!

    Karen Puro, PI
  • Informative and well-maintained website. Appreciate your efforts.

    Barbara Klein, Private Investigator
  • Great website! Thanks a million - I love it!

    Joel C Rodgers, Currently Unemployed - Future PI
  • The information I am receiving is very helpful. Thank you.

    Juan Duran, Deputy Sheriff
  • I am a retired Captain of Detectives. I just returned from 5 years of working in Iraq. Your site has been very helpful in providing leads to possible jobs. I have submitted several applications with resumes and am still looking and applying. Thanks for the help.

    Allan Wilson, Investigator
  • Thank you for the articles. They have let me know what is new, and I hope to read more interesting information from you in the future. Thank you.

    Yunsnier Gutierrez, Private Investigator
  • Get Private Investigator Jobs has been very helpful in opening doors to new contacts for me. Thanks for the good work.

    Paul D Mills, Private Investigator
  • I love your website and the information you have for all the jobs.

    Damaris DeLaCruz, Security
  • This is a great site and a terrific job you are doing. It is great to have this site to use when I am looking for work or need some help. Thank you!

    Keith, P. I.
  • Very informative site. I will be looking at all Private Investigator Job E-mails when they come to my inbox!

    Mark Caponette, Retired State Trooper
  • I find your site to be very informative and resourceful. Thank you!

    Ron, Future Private Investigator
  • I like this site because it caters specifically to Private Investigator jobs. The website is easy to navigate and send resumes for jobs that are available. The resume was easy to upload and you don't send a bunch of unnecessary promotional emails. I haven't found that ideal job yet but feel confident that I will soon. Thanks - keep up the great work!

    Janelle Kent, Private Investigator
  • I have found this site to be extremely helpful and informative. I am delighted to see the new updates every time I view my email. Thank you for the service you provide.

    Wendy Johnson, Private Investigator
  • I have been using the site for a couple of years and I always thought that there were some great jobs posted. In December 2008 I received an e-mail from an investigative company that stated they found my resume on your site. And they asked me to e-mail them directly; then apply on their site; then scheduled a telephone interview; and then another one and... I got the job! If it wasn't for your site and my perseverance I wouldn't have gotten it. So I humbly thank you!

    Sonya Hudson, Investigator
  • The information that has been provided has been informative and interesting. So much so that I have considered exploring this area as a new professional field of interest.

    Donna, Sales
  • I enjoy your website. I think it is very helpful for my field. Keep up the good work.

    Alexander Soutos, Field Investigator
  • I am a reservist mobilized. I will be demobilized in about 2 months. Since then I have been looking at the opportunities. This will be a great tool when I return back home so I can start work immediately. Thanks for the great site.

    George Swatzbaugh, Military
  • I have used this service to locate other P.I.'s. and have met with much success. I believe this site is a great service to the professional community. Thank you very much for your assistance.

    Keith Lopez, Private Investigator
  • Thanks for offering this site and service. I am retired but am considering returning to the work force as a private investigator on a part-time basis. Keep up the good work!

    Doug Taylor, Retired Police Detective
  • I love your web page - it's easy to find job openings for Private Investigators!

    Damaris, Security
  • What a great idea! I'm surprised someone hasn't done this before. The PI community is very small and specialized and this website is a godsend! Thank you for setting this up and I wish you continued success in the future.

    Larry Higgins, Private Investigator
  • I have made this website my first source for finding jobs in the investigative and security related fields. It is very easy to navigate and the jobs are always updated frequently.

    Nugoon Sengdy, Private Investigator
  • Your site is great - thanks! I have been using it for a few months now. I'm still looking for the right job for me, and will continue to use your service.

    Don Johnson, Private Investigator

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